Hair Extensions Cutting Course

Hair Extensions Cutting Course

Hair extensions cutting courses are now available with Hair Extensions Academy!

Hair extensions cutting course

Learn how to cut hair extensions with our hair extensions cutting course and set yourself apart from the competition! The cutting course teaches you how to professionally cut, blend and finish hair extensions in a variety of styles using lots of different cutting techniques

The hair extensions cutting course covers all different cutting techniques for cutting hair extensions. This is a full and detailed course that will make sure that you leave the course knowing how to cut extensions to a highly skilled and professional level.

You do not have to be a hairdresser to learn how to cut hair extensions, the fully qualified teachers at Hair Extensions Academy will take you through all the cutting techniques step by step. You will learn everything you need to know about how to cut hair extensions.

Cutting extensions is different from cutting natural hair and therefore the techniques and tools used will vary. It is important to know how to cut hair extensions correctly to achieve the best results!

With natural hair you can use precise cutting techniques to give hard solid lines and sharp edges to styles, however these techniques will cause extension hair to look false and blocky.

To achieve a natural look with extensions, softer cutting techniques must be used when cutting the extension hair to give a more natural look and finished style. Most hair extension cutting techniques involve free hand cutting to create the overall shape of the extension style. On the hair extensions cutting course you cover lots of different techniques to cut, blend and style extension hair.

The cutting course covers club cutting, point cutting, tapering, layering, texturizing, feathering, thinning and also covers how to cut in a fringe in various styles.

The cutting course fee of £195 includes a professional set of stainless steel scissors and thinning scissors in a specially designed holder. A professional cutting comb. Sectioning Clips. You can bring your own long hair training block with you or we can provide one for you to use, keep and take home to practice on at just £25 extra.

The course is held at our specialist hair extensions centre in Rothwell, Northamptonshire. Please call 01536 628200 to book or enquire.


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