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Hair Extensions

Course Choices

Masterclass 1

Accredited Prebonded, Shrink Tube, Micro Ring

1 Day Course

£295 including free Hair Extensions Course Kit

Masterclass 2

Accredited 4 Method: Weave, Trackless Weave, Tape, Micro Ring Weft – 1 Day Course

£295 including free Hair Extensions Course Kit

Hair Extensions Cutting Course

Techniques Covered:

1. Club Cutting, 2. Free Hand, 3. Point Cutting, 4. Layering, 5. Texturizing, 6. Tapering, 7. Razoring, 8. Feathering, 9. Thinning, 10. Cutting in a fringe.

Courses are bespoke and run on request. We can cater for most dates!

Mixed Masterclass

A tailored course covering 3 of the following systems:

Pre Bonded, Shrink Tube, Micro Ring, Weave, Micro Ring Weft, Braidless Weave, Tape

Including free Hair Extensions Course Kit

Secret Weave Course

Secret Weave Course

Mesh Integration

The Mesh Integration system enables you to provide a solution for clients who are experiencing hair loss, alopecia, thinning hair or for those clients whom extensions are not suitable such as chemically damaged or very short hair.

You will learn everything you need to know to become a Hair Integration Specialist including: health and safety; how to conduct a consultation; tailoring and placement of the systems; application, maintenance and removal of the systems; cutting and blending; aftercare; pricing; trade suppliers and discounts; marketing and insurance.

You will be provided with manuals and a full professional training kit which includes everything you will need to apply, maintain and remove the tailored systems. You will also receive post course support and full Accredited Certification.

NVQ Level 3 Hair Extensions Course

An exciting level 3 course in creative hair extensions services which provides hairdressers with the qualification and skills needed to apply hair extensions to your clients and career progression within the hair extensions industry. The course covers micro-ring & pre-bonded & shrink tube & tape in application methods so you gain knowledge of both hot and cold hair extensions systems ensuring a wide range of skills obtained to meet differing client needs. You will also cover how to identify which products and techniques to use, preparation of client hair, selecting, blending and placing hair extensions to add colour, volume & length for the client and how to complete each service by creatively cutting and finishing the hair. Maintenance of extensions and aftercare also form part of the course.

Including free Hair Extensions Course Kit

Salon Course

A customised Hair Extensions training course for Salons

A bespoke course for 2 or more employees either in your salon or one of our 20 centres across the UK.

Courses are bespoke and run on request. We can cater for most dates!

Including free Hair Extensions Course Kit for each attendee

College Course

Custom Hair Extension Training for Colleges

Hair Extensions Academy can offer training packages to meet your specific requirements.  We can deliver this NVQ course at the college.

Courses are bespoke and run on request. We can cater for most dates!

Including free Hair Extensions Course Kit